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LifeCare Residential Treatment Center

LifeCare provides a 30-day residential treatment program for substance use disorders.

An initial clinical assessment is conducted for each client upon entering LifeCare. This helps the staff tailor a treatment program to address the clientâ??s particular needs. Some clients may require medical detoxification in a hospital prior to admission.

Each client is assigned a counselor who is trained in substance use disorders and treatment. Clients have individual therapy with their counselors and attend group therapy sessions conducted by trained counselors.

The treatment program is based on Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymousâ?? proven 12-step programs. Each day during treatment, the client engages in a range of activities, including counseling, group sessions and personal-responsibility tasks.

The program provides education about the disease concept of addiction, the roots of dependency, family systems, communication skills, self-esteem, stress and anger management, relapse prevention, and spirituality.

Recreational activities are part of the treatment program, with an average of two outings each week.

Clients also attend AA and NA meetings off-site to facilitate continuation with meetings after discharge.

Family education is offered twice a month.

Two years of Aftercare services are provided at no charge to individuals who complete primary treatment. The goal of Aftercare is to reinforce sober-living skills.

All facilities are handicapped accessible.

For information on Weems LifeCare, call 601-693-1001 or, toll-free, 1-800-803-0245.
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